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The First Year of Freedom at The Rose Center

Today, we're celebrating the first anniversary of The Rose Center opening its doors in Southern Alabama! For what seems like forever, we dreamed of a place for women and girls who are being trafficked or at risk of trafficking in Southern Alabama to safely rest. We dreamed of a place the community could rally behind, where services for healing trauma and empowering women could gather under one roof. We dreamed of a place that could serve as a bridge between “The Life” of trafficking and a full, free life. One year ago, we saw those dreams come true when we opened The Rose Center in Mobile. We saw one participant leave her trafficker and move into safe housing. We helped...

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February Newsletter from Alabama

February has been a big month for our Alabama Team and The Rose Center! Community Connections Being committed to creating a community where human trafficking can no longer thrive, we believe education plays a huge role in that. We have partnered with Mobile’s Rape Crisis Center, and they have invited us to train their new advocates on the issue of human trafficking and informing them on how The Rose Center can help. We are also partnered with the Mobile Police Department and have started teaching in their Police Academy trainings. In these trainings, we educate the cadets on the reality of human trafficking, including the effects of trauma, poverty, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and homelessness on the issue. Can You...

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February Newsletter from Wisconsin

Spreading The Love February was a month of sprouting seeds and snow angels! Despite the cold, snow, and slush, we went out of our way to raise everyone's spirits. On Valentine's Day, the coaches at The Rose Home gave each of the participants a box of chocolates and a rose. Everyone needs to feel loved. Unfortunately, many traffickers know this and use it to manipulate people. We want to show survivors that care and compassion can be given freely without expecting anything in return. Preventing Trafficking & Empowering Girls We’re bringing The Heart Tour to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Green Bay! The Heart Tour is a program that engages young girls who are at risk for human trafficking. We...

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Four Legal Response Models to Prostitution

What do laws say about sex trafficking? It depends on how a governing body decides to approach prostitution. The four possible legal responses to prostitution are: Criminalization Partial Decriminalization Full Decriminalization Legalization Criminalization All aspects of commercial sex are deemed illegal. All individuals including traffickers, buyers, and victims are legally responsible for their role. In the United States, this is the most common response to the issues of prostitution and sex trafficking. Most commonly, trafficking activities are defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation. States differentiate on terminology and characteristics of the crime and vary in the degree of punishment. Some jurisdictions have expanded their definition of trafficking by including activities...

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January Newsletter from Alabama

MLK Jr. Health and Human Services Award We are so incredibly honored to share that this January, Eye Heart World and The Rose Center were awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Health & Human Services Award by PUAD, People United to Advance the Dream in Mobile, Alabama. For 29 years, this organization has been advancing the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in pursuing equity, justice, and freedom for all people by providing services in our local communities. The mission statement of PUAD is “to honor Dr. King’s legacy through a collaboration of community leaders, business executives, civic organizations and academic institutions to encourage and implement scholarships, community service, and promote cultural progressiveness.” Here’s what our Alabama Director,...

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