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Sex Trafficking In The News

Here are a few write-ups on the state of sex trafficking in the Green Bay area and what we're doing about it. We're grateful for local law enforcement that takes action and local news that chooses to bring the issue to light! Click here for the Fox11 story. Click here for the ABC2 story. Click here to read about it in the Green Bay Press-Gazette

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Our New Headquarters

At the beginning of August we relocated our headquarters to the Green Bay, WI area. We are excited to announce that our primary focus in this region will be opening our first aftercare home for victims of sexual exploitation. This will be a collaborative effort and we’ve already had several preliminary meetings to head down the path.  In addition to all of this, our initiatives in South Alabama are in full swing and growing! We have a solid team in place and we have big plans to continue making an impact in Mobile and Baldwin Counties! From The Heart Tour, to Walk the Cause, to community awareness, we have a bunch of stuff on the books to expand our efforts,...

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Couple Accused of Trafficking Texas Runaway

This article is an example of how homeless runaways are so vulnerable to exploitation. It's been said that within 48 hours of being on the street a homeless runaway will be approached by a trafficker or an opportunity to be exploited. That's why it's so important to teach young people about human trafficking and their worth and value.  Click this link to read this great article from

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Walk the Cause

Anyone who's ever had a dog knows just how much love they have to give. That's why we love our initiative, Walk the Cause. We've partnered up with Smeraglia & Co. for this special leash and collar set. The purchase of each set goes toward placing a Smeraglia therapy dog in a human trafficking aftercare home to help young ladies on their journey to restoration. Watch this video to learn the full scoop.

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