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Signs of Possible Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is tough to spot. Just because you don’t notice it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Four signs that could indicate someone is being trafficked are 1) Lack of control, 2) Abnormal behavior, 3) Poor mental health, and 4) Poor physical health. Lack of control could look like… Restricted or controlled communication with others A lack of personal space or appearing to be closely monitored A teen or pre-teen with overly sexualized behavior for their age A brand or tattoo of a name, barcode, or symbol Abnormal behavior could look like… Fearing law enforcement Being unaware of what city they’re in due to frequent relocations Wearing expensive items they weren’t able to afford before Exhibiting hypervigilant behavior Having a new, older...

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Trafficking Terminology Part 2

The world of trafficking has its own language and codes. But more than that, it has its own culture. Pimps and Johns have given name to actions that seem unfathomable to many of us, yet are the reality of millions of girls and women. Let’s continue our conversation by looking at some of the terms that relate to what the individual girl endures.   “Seasoning” This is the process by which a pimp will break down a girl’s resistance in order to ensure her compliance and loyalty. We referenced this process in the last “Trafficking Terminology” post, but let’s dive a little deeper (Click here to read the first post in this series. Pimps use a combination of psychological manipulation,...

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It's Not Normal - "The Salesman"

The Salesman. In looking at trafficking as a business, the next role we need to discuss is the salesman - the pimp. For many of us, the thought of controlling, abusing, and exploiting someone in this way is unimaginable. But it’s obviously the norm for a pimp. Imagine a boy who grows up in a rough neighborhood in a home full of economic distress and instability. All this boy knows is disfunction and the struggle to survive. What he sees portrayed in culture is an image of success at any cost. For the salesman, illegal activity has most likely been a part of his upbringing from the beginning and greed is his primary drug of choice.  Now that we’ve painted...

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