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A Day in the Rose Home: Four Phases

When a girl enters The Rose Home, she steps into a place that will care for her whole self. In A Day in the Rose Home blog series, we will show you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens in The Rose Home. First, we’ll focus on an important part of the structure at The Rose Home: the four phases. The four phases map out the journey that each girl will take during her time at The Rose Home. From Welcome Home to Celebrating Your Future, we meet the girls where they’re at and gradually prepare them to live independently so they are empowered to leave The Life behind for good. The phases don’t have specific lengths; they are tailored...

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Stories of Hope: Finding Home

We recently served a young lady who was removed from a trafficking situation by law enforcement. When we came to her, she was very reserved and resistant to any help. After talking with her for several hours, she admitted that she wanted to leave “the life” and agreed to accept our help.    We were so excited for the opportunity to help this young lady get to a safe place! In the middle of the night, we drove her to an emergency shelter where she could stay until we found permanent placement for her. We worked hard to find somewhere for her to go and within a day we had her on a plane to a program out of state....

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Trafficking Terminology Part 2

The world of trafficking has its own language and codes. But more than that, it has its own culture. Pimps and Johns have given name to actions that seem unfathomable to many of us, yet are the reality of millions of girls and women. Let’s continue our conversation by looking at some of the terms that relate to what the individual girl endures.   “Seasoning” This is the process by which a pimp will break down a girl’s resistance in order to ensure her compliance and loyalty. We referenced this process in the last “Trafficking Terminology” post, but let’s dive a little deeper (Click here to read the first post in this series. Pimps use a combination of psychological manipulation,...

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Trafficking Terminology Part 1

The world of human trafficking is a world all it’s own. There are so many intricacies and details to the system and it is these things that enable the issue to hide in plain sight. After six years of working to combat this issue we are still learning new details, facts, and definitions that help grow our understanding of the issue and how we can take action. Naturally, one of our biggest objectives is helping people learn these details and broaden their understanding of the issue. Why are we so driven on this front? Because we know that the more people understand the world of human trafficking, the better we can take action in educating others, providing prevention to those...

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It's Not Normal - "The Product"

The Product. Every business centers around a product that is being sold. It is that good or service that people seek out and others work to sell. When we look at human trafficking through the lens of business it becomes immediately clear that the product in this business isn’t just sex, it’s people. The problem is that the customers (the Johns) and the salesmen (the pimps) see these young women as a product rather than a human. But more than that, the issue is not just that the Johns and pimps find it normal to dehumanize people in this way, but that the girls themselves seem to have lost their humanity to the point that they find it normal to...

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