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Stories of Hope: The Power of A Card

A while back we met with a young lady who was being trafficked out of an apartment in the Green Bay area. When our outreach team walked into the interview room to talk with her, she was cold and quiet. The first step in breaking down the walls to help her find the resources to leave “the life” was the Response Bag that we gave her.    When we handed her the bag, she seemed suspicious but grateful. Over the course of the meeting, she nibbled on the snacks, wrapped herself in the blanket, and used the hair ties that were in her bag. We spent five hours with her and there was only time that she showed any emotion:...

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Response Bags Project

When girls are recovered from trafficking situations, they may have few personal items and often feel afraid and vulnerable. Knowing the gravity of these scenarios, we supply first responders canvas bags that are filled with basic essentials like blankets, undergarments, toiletries, and letters of encouragement. A symbol of compassion and care, Response Bags support survivors most basic needs as they begin their journey towards healing.

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Eye Heart World Gala

We are so excited for the Eye Heart World Gala coming up on April 24th, 2016. The event, held at the Meyer Theatre in downtown Green Bay, will be a dessert reception, silent auction, and awareness experience. All of the proceeds from the event will go toward opening our first residential program that will serve survivors of sex trafficking in the (920). At the event, you will get to hear from local law enforcement on the action taking place in the (920) and what they are seeing. We'll hear from a survivor of sex trafficking as she tells her powerful story and inspires hope in the context of such a dark topic. We will also unfold the plans for our...

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