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Survivors Find Hope at The Rose Home

Human trafficking takes a lot from a person – their safety, their sense of self-worth, and even their hopes for the future. At the Rose Home we use vision boards to encourage the women to reclaim their future and to begin to dream big again. When each new survivor feels settled into The Rose Home, she sits down with a coach to create her very own vision board. The vision board helps her imagine what she wants her life to look like and how it could possibly happen. When it’s finished, a coach hangs the vision board in her room so she can see it every day. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, she can...

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Home for Christmas

This time of year, it’s almost impossible to not be bombarded with a barrage of Christmas music. Just the other day I was in a store and heard "Baby, It's Cold Outside" three times, back to back, all different versions… It’s a bit much.  But we all love it - or want to love it - because this time of year is so special.  One song that elicits warm emotions, sad emotions, or even both at the same time is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. No matter which side of that fence you sit on, the song is inescapable.  For some people it brings back fond memories and builds childlike anticipation of the warmth that family brings and the security of...

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Aftercare in July: By the Numbers

July was a very busy month at Eye Heart World. As our aftercare team prepares for the new responsibilities that The Rose Home will bring, they continue to serve the young women in our community. It's hard work, but we also know that it's well worth the end result: bringing hope and healing to survivors of sex trafficking. That's what we work towards every day. Here’s what we’ve been up to in July! 7: Ladies we met who were trafficked 15-23: Age range of survivors we met 2: Survivors who were minors 3: Survivors who are in safe places, to the best of our ability 23: Hours we spent doing outreach with law enforcement 1: County outside the 920 we visited to train professionals and...

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10 Things Freedoms Means to a Survivor

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the United States! This week, plenty of families will get together to cook out, watch fireworks, and reflect on our country’s freedom. It seems like the people who really understand and appreciate freedom are those who have had it taken away. Sadly, not everyone is free, even today. Across the world and in the United States, many people are trapped in modern-day slavery, also known as human trafficking. It is predicted that there are currently 200,000 victims of human trafficking in the United States alone. Colleen Stratton, an advocate for Eye Heart World, will enjoy Fourth of July fireworks with her family and reflect on her freedom, but her definition is a bit different...

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Aftercare By The Numbers

June was a busy, busy month for us! Below is a quick snapshot of what all transpired last month.   8: Ladies we met who have been trafficked 16-42: Age range of survivors we met this month 2: Survivors who have been placed in a safe location 2: Minors who are being provided with support, either through service providers or through family 1: Survivor who is no longer in the life Too many to count: phone calls, late nights, stories shared, cups of coffee consumed, emails sent, and miles driven, all to ensure that we can provide these ladies with the care and support they deserve.   Thank you to all those who generously support these life-changing resources. If you'd like...

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