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Whatever We Can Do, However Long It Takes

  What do letters, coffee, self-defense, and tattoo removal have in common? They're an example of the fact that we will do whatever we can do to ensure that a young lady feels supported on her journey to healing and independence! To illustrate this, allow us to tell you the story of one of our precious young ladies. December 2015: we were given a referral from the chaplain at the local county jail, asking us to meet with a young inmate who had been involved in trafficking for quite some time. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity! We met with her and she shared with us her story of being trafficked, that she grew up in foster care, had no...

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Finding Freedom Inside A Jail Cell

  What does Eye Heart World do?  How can we help girls?  Do you provide any services?   These are all questions that we answer on a regular basis.  Instead of answering them, let me share a story of one of the girls that we helped. We received a referral from our contact at the jail, she had an 18-year-old female inmate who had been involved in trafficking with a pimp and wanted to get out of the life. I got a team of two Outreach Team members to respond and go to meet with her.   I spoke with the ladies after their meeting and both of them felt strongly about helping this young lady and described her desire to leave...

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Stories of Hope: Finding Home

We recently served a young lady who was removed from a trafficking situation by law enforcement. When we came to her, she was very reserved and resistant to any help. After talking with her for several hours, she admitted that she wanted to leave “the life” and agreed to accept our help.    We were so excited for the opportunity to help this young lady get to a safe place! In the middle of the night, we drove her to an emergency shelter where she could stay until we found permanent placement for her. We worked hard to find somewhere for her to go and within a day we had her on a plane to a program out of state....

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Stories of Hope: The Power of A Card

A while back we met with a young lady who was being trafficked out of an apartment in the Green Bay area. When our outreach team walked into the interview room to talk with her, she was cold and quiet. The first step in breaking down the walls to help her find the resources to leave “the life” was the Response Bag that we gave her.    When we handed her the bag, she seemed suspicious but grateful. Over the course of the meeting, she nibbled on the snacks, wrapped herself in the blanket, and used the hair ties that were in her bag. We spent five hours with her and there was only time that she showed any emotion:...

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Seeds of Hope

Sometimes you meet someone who carries with them a sense of being weathered by life and you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve been through a lot.”  Then every once in a while you meet someone who shares their hopeful story of struggle, but instead you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve overcome a lot.”  The latter is the experience we had with our dear friend, Colleen, who so generously shared her story on video and in person at our gala back in April.  The process of capturing Colleen’s story on video was one of the most powerful experiences we have had (behind the scenes photo below).  Never have we heard someone tell their story with such clarity, humility, boldness, and hope. ...

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