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A Gala to Raise Awareness

On August 30th, we had an amazing night of awareness and education on the issue of sex trafficking in the area of Mobile, Alabama. At the In Her Shoes Gala, 225 people gathered in support of our Rose Center and the subject. With the theme “In Her Shoes,” the night focused on the reality of sex trafficking. Attendees were asked to consider the perspective of survivors and learned it can happen to anyone. We displayed information on the common triggers in South Alabama that may lead people into human trafficking. Poverty. Mobile has a 23% poverty level with 70-80% poverty in single-parent households. Where there is poverty, there are fewer choices. Where there are fewer choices, there is a higher...

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Expose The Truth - Where It Really Happens

  Many people think that human trafficking takes place mostly in foreign countries and “doesn’t happen near me”. While human trafficking is very prevalent in foreign countries, it is happening every day in the United States, in all 50 states.    While the numbers are hard to track, the National Human Trafficking Hotline  is one of the ways we know real time information. They are a U.S.-based anti-trafficking hotline serving victims and survivors of human trafficking. They receive tips through phone calls, emails and online tip reports. However, the data received doesn’t reflect the totality of human trafficking going on around us as a lot of it is in secret and not reported.      While the 2017 statistics haven’t...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 3: Substance Abuse and Sex Trafficking

We’ve been talking about some of the triggers that cause a young person to be more vulnerable to sex trafficking. In the first post, we talked about three reasons why foster kids are at-risk for sex trafficking. In the second post, we discussed two ways that homelessness set a young person at risk for trafficking. In this post, we want to talk about the next key trigger for sex trafficking: substance abuse.Substance abuse is a common occurrence in sex trafficking victims. Many young people start out in prostitution by using it as a way to “earn” the drugs they are already taking. Additionally, one study of homeless youth who were prostituted found that 75% met the criteria for substance abuse,...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 2: Homelessness And Sex Trafficking

“Trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability.” In this blog series, we’re discussing four key triggers that make a person more vulnerable to sex trafficking. The first factor that we discussed was foster care.  (Click here to see three reasons why foster kids are especially at risk for sex trafficking.) This week we’re discussing what is quite possibly the most obvious factor: homelessness.  Homeless youth are particularly at risk because of their obvious need for shelter and other basic essentials. Here are some numbers to show the gravity of the situation: - Nationally, as many as 2.4 million children run away from home each year. - 1 out of every 3 homeless teens will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 1: Foster Care And Sex Trafficking

We once heard it said that “trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability.” A trafficker is someone who identifies an area of vulnerability in an individual - be it financial, psychological, some form of physical dependence, etc. - and exploits that vulnerability, using it for personal gain.  This raises the question, “Who, then, is vulnerable?” That question is the subject of our new blog series, Exploiting the Vulnerable: Key Triggers for Sex Trafficking. What experts have found and what we have learned to be true in our experiences is that there are key triggers that set a young person in the U.S. at risk for sexual exploitation. We have identified four common elements that are present in the backgrounds of the...

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