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Eye Heart World License Plates

Eye Heart World License Plates That's right, we now have our very own license plates exclusively in Alabama!! The plates are an additional $50 on your normal registration, and every plate purchased sponsors our youth prevention efforts in South Alabama through The Heart Tour! (Click here for more info on The Heart Tour.)Right now we are in the precommitment phase, so once we hit 250 precommitments the plates will be shipped out and on the road.Here's what you do to get your plate: Follow this link to the precommitment page. (You'll find our plate in the tab labeled 11/1/2015 to 10/31/2016.) Fill out the form and pay for your tag. Download these social media assets to spread the word. This is such a great opportunity to...

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Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy Birthday to us!!  It’s hard to believe, but six years ago today, Eye Heart World began with an awareness event and a short run of handbags. Since that time it’s evolved from a simple response into a full fashion brand and a strategic mission focused on ending modern day slavery through awareness, prevention, and aftercare. Together, we’re able to make a tangible difference in the lives of girls and young women as we provide targeted prevention on the front end, and much needed support for those leaving the life of exploitation. So we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what all has happened and some of the plans we have for the future. Where we’ve been. Awareness:...

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It's Not Normal - "The Product"

The Product. Every business centers around a product that is being sold. It is that good or service that people seek out and others work to sell. When we look at human trafficking through the lens of business it becomes immediately clear that the product in this business isn’t just sex, it’s people. The problem is that the customers (the Johns) and the salesmen (the pimps) see these young women as a product rather than a human. But more than that, the issue is not just that the Johns and pimps find it normal to dehumanize people in this way, but that the girls themselves seem to have lost their humanity to the point that they find it normal to...

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Our New Headquarters

At the beginning of August we relocated our headquarters to the Green Bay, WI area. We are excited to announce that our primary focus in this region will be opening our first aftercare home for victims of sexual exploitation. This will be a collaborative effort and we’ve already had several preliminary meetings to head down the path.  In addition to all of this, our initiatives in South Alabama are in full swing and growing! We have a solid team in place and we have big plans to continue making an impact in Mobile and Baldwin Counties! From The Heart Tour, to Walk the Cause, to community awareness, we have a bunch of stuff on the books to expand our efforts,...

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The Heart Tour

We are so excited for our first Heart Tour on July 11th in Mobile, AL, benefitting girls from Light of the Village in Prichard, AL. The Heart Tour is the latest initiative of Eye Heart World aimed at bringing human trafficking prevention to girls who are at risk. Through our alliances with local youth mentorship programs, we are able to host one-day events for girls in those programs and provide targeted prevention and education, while creating a fun, loving atmosphere. There are three main topics addressed:  1. Human Trafficking. We teach the girls what it is, how it happens, and how to protect themselves. 2. Value. We talk with them about their worth and value, helping them to see themselves as the beautiful, strong...

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