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Retracing Impact

If you’ve ever gone for a jog and used a running app, then you know how much fun it is to hobble back (if you’re like me…) from your little journey and look at the map and see all of the places you went. If you’re like me, then you set out on your jog with an idea of where’ll go, but not an exact direction. So you start jogging and turn down one street, then go down another, and then another. The one location I’m sure of when I head out for a jog is the place where I start.  Often times, that’s the way it is when you decide to take action - you don’t know all the...

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Gifts That Give Back Guide

Check out our feature in Accessories Magazine's Gifts That Give Back Guide! We love being a part of social enterprise efforts that connect fashion and compassion. Every product sold goes directly to a specific impact within one of our projects. Whether it's providing educational trainings for first responders, sponsoring a girl to attend The Heart Tour, or providing emergency aftercare resources for victims, 100% of the proceeds from every sale go to the impact your product is connected to! That's how we #CarryTheCause.

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Stories of Hope - More Than A Makeover

We recently held a Heart Tour (an all-day event for at-risk girls) in South Alabama. At each event we shower the girls with gifts, feed them some incredible food, and talk with them about trafficking, value, and empowerment. At this event in Alabama, we had a crew of amazing hair stylists come and do makeovers for the girls. One of the stylists shared the following story with us.   “So, I did one beautiful natural haired client today at the event. She was hesitant to sit in my chair and even when I offered she shook her head like 'no... Uh-uh.. You can't touch my hair…' And then I smiled and said 'I have products for your hair.' I showed...

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Mid-Year Impact Report

This year has been monumental in our response to human trafficking. Already, we have seen so much progress in our awareness and prevention efforts, and we've been working directly with survivors as we gear up for our residential program to open. We're excited to share the impact that we've had together in just the first six months of this year, so click here to view our 2016 Mid-Year Impact Report.  Thank you for a great start to 2016 - we can't wait to see what we will accomplish together by the time that 2017 arrives!

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The Heart Tour

The Heart Tour is a one-day event that engages young girls who are at risk for human trafficking. Each event provides targeted education, tips for staying safe and speaks to the individual's worth and value. Through our alliances with local youth mentorship programs, Eye Heart World is able to sponsor every girl to attend this event, and receive the guidance they need to become strong women in their communities.

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