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The First Year of Freedom at The Rose Center

Today, we're celebrating the first anniversary of The Rose Center opening its doors in Southern Alabama! For what seems like forever, we dreamed of a place for women and girls who are being trafficked or at risk of trafficking in Southern Alabama to safely rest. We dreamed of a place the community could rally behind, where services for healing trauma and empowering women could gather under one roof. We dreamed of a place that could serve as a bridge between “The Life” of trafficking and a full, free life. One year ago, we saw those dreams come true when we opened The Rose Center in Mobile. We saw one participant leave her trafficker and move into safe housing. We helped...

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February Newsletter from Alabama

February has been a big month for our Alabama Team and The Rose Center! Community Connections Being committed to creating a community where human trafficking can no longer thrive, we believe education plays a huge role in that. We have partnered with Mobile’s Rape Crisis Center, and they have invited us to train their new advocates on the issue of human trafficking and informing them on how The Rose Center can help. We are also partnered with the Mobile Police Department and have started teaching in their Police Academy trainings. In these trainings, we educate the cadets on the reality of human trafficking, including the effects of trauma, poverty, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and homelessness on the issue. Can You...

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November Newsletter from Wisconsin

The Rose Home has had a busy month! We can’t wait to tell you about our participants, events happening around The Rose Home, and how our Outreach team is changing lives. BIRTHDAY WISHES One participant celebrated a birthday in November! The participant loves to create art, so some of the coaches threw her an art-themed party with plenty of crafts. The activities included painting small tiles, making easels out of colored popsicle sticks, and decorating cupcakes with sprinkles and candy. Other homemade treats included a confetti cake and pretzels and rice crispy treats dipped in colored frosting to look like paint brushes. One of the coolest parts of birthdays is that they highlight how much support the girls at The...

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A Day in the Rose Home: Daily Activities

If you’ve been following along in our blog series, you now understand the four phases at The Rose Home and the three aspects that we involve in our programming. These are important ideas that influence everything The Rose Home is about, but what exactly do the residents do all day? Healing from the traumatic events of human trafficking and rebuilding your life are large, time-consuming processes. Let’s break that down. Every morning, the girls at The Rose Home participate in a goals group. The girls sit down with a coach and fill in their planner for the day. Their calendars could involve weekly trauma-informed therapy appointments, meeting with a skills instructor, errand time, and many other things. Even lunch and...

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A Day in the Rose Home: Three Aspects

In our A Day in the Rose Home blog series, we’re showing you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens in The Rose Home. The Rose Home is structured by three aspects of the program: trauma-informed therapy, life skills, and workforce preparation. With these three aspects at play, we intend to arm each girl with the tools she needs to successfully move on once she leaves The Rose Home. First and foremost, each girl at The Rose Home participates in trauma-informed therapy in several different ways. Each individual goes to weekly appointments with a trauma-informed therapist; this allows each girl to really focus on what she needs to process in order to live her healthiest life. It also ensures privacy...

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