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Survivors Find Hope at The Rose Home

Human trafficking takes a lot from a person – their safety, their sense of self-worth, and even their hopes for the future. At the Rose Home we use vision boards to encourage the women to reclaim their future and to begin to dream big again. When each new survivor feels settled into The Rose Home, she sits down with a coach to create her very own vision board. The vision board helps her imagine what she wants her life to look like and how it could possibly happen. When it’s finished, a coach hangs the vision board in her room so she can see it every day. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, she can...

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Taking Action

  What was your first thought when you heard about the issue of human trafficking? Shock. Horror. Fear. Anger. I felt all of those. Then, I felt resolve.  I felt a stirring. I felt the need to do something about it.  As I share about this issue, more and more, I see people wanting to do something.  They want to help the survivors of trafficking and want to help stop this issue from destroying our children and communities. They have so many questions. How do I get involved? What needs to be done? What can I do right now? Eye Heart World’s staff is working diligently to get the home’s programming in place and solid, ready to go for when we get...

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Sticks and Stones

We all know the old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones, but…” [you just filled in the rest without me even asking you to]. We also know that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Words bring life and words bring death, they build up and they tear down. Even now, I’m certain you can recall a moment when someone’s words gave you the strength you needed at just the right time. On the flip side, I’m sure you can think of a time that words did the opposite. Words have power. When you think of this concept in the context of sex trafficking, it takes on a whole new, and frighteningly literal, tone. For the young women...

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