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A Message from a Survivor to You

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so we wanted to do something extra special. Like we say: "Awareness alone doesn't change anything, but nothing can change without awareness." Most of our awareness efforts messages are from the professionals on our Outreach Team based on their one-on-one experience with survivors. This month, though, we turned to the survivors themselves. We asked survivors in Wisconsin and Alabama what they want the general public to know about human trafficking. One survivor said, “Trafficking is real. It does happen, and most women do not want it and are forced to do it.”Whether johns know it or not, when they buy sex, they are likely paying someone to sell their body against their will. Around the...

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It's Not Normal - "The Salesman"

The Salesman. In looking at trafficking as a business, the next role we need to discuss is the salesman - the pimp. For many of us, the thought of controlling, abusing, and exploiting someone in this way is unimaginable. But it’s obviously the norm for a pimp. Imagine a boy who grows up in a rough neighborhood in a home full of economic distress and instability. All this boy knows is disfunction and the struggle to survive. What he sees portrayed in culture is an image of success at any cost. For the salesman, illegal activity has most likely been a part of his upbringing from the beginning and greed is his primary drug of choice.  Now that we’ve painted...

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