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Survivors Find Hope at The Rose Home

Human trafficking takes a lot from a person – their safety, their sense of self-worth, and even their hopes for the future. At the Rose Home we use vision boards to encourage the women to reclaim their future and to begin to dream big again. When each new survivor feels settled into The Rose Home, she sits down with a coach to create her very own vision board. The vision board helps her imagine what she wants her life to look like and how it could possibly happen. When it’s finished, a coach hangs the vision board in her room so she can see it every day. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, she can...

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A Day in the Rose Home: Daily Activities

If you’ve been following along in our blog series, you now understand the four phases at The Rose Home and the three aspects that we involve in our programming. These are important ideas that influence everything The Rose Home is about, but what exactly do the residents do all day? Healing from the traumatic events of human trafficking and rebuilding your life are large, time-consuming processes. Let’s break that down. Every morning, the girls at The Rose Home participate in a goals group. The girls sit down with a coach and fill in their planner for the day. Their calendars could involve weekly trauma-informed therapy appointments, meeting with a skills instructor, errand time, and many other things. Even lunch and...

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The Heart Tour in Florida

Part of our team recently took a trip to bring out Heart Tour to Florida! What is the Heart Tour? In short, it’s one of our biggest tools for preventing human trafficking. Our goal is to make girls far less vulnerable to traffickers by teaching them about human trafficking and helping them fully understand their own value. To learn more about what the Heart Tour is, check out this blog post: For this Heart Tour, we went to Life Church in Wesley Chapel near Tampa, Florida where we spoke with an audience of about 50 girls who were 11-17 years old. We talked with them about human trafficking and some of the signs so that they would be able to recognize it. We...

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