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The Harriet Tote

Buy Now The first in our new line of products named after celebrated freedom fighters, abolitionists and social justice workers, the Harriet Tote is named after the one and only Harriet Tubman. Naming our products is our way of honoring those who have come before us and recognizing that their hard work and sacrifice is the foundation upon which we build today. Buy Now Harriet once said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” This is a sentiment that we understand well. Because of intense grooming, many girls and women who are sold for sex believe that their pimp is actually their “boyfriend”. Here are a few things about...

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10 Things Freedoms Means to a Survivor

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the United States! This week, plenty of families will get together to cook out, watch fireworks, and reflect on our country’s freedom. It seems like the people who really understand and appreciate freedom are those who have had it taken away. Sadly, not everyone is free, even today. Across the world and in the United States, many people are trapped in modern-day slavery, also known as human trafficking. It is predicted that there are currently 200,000 victims of human trafficking in the United States alone. Colleen Stratton, an advocate for Eye Heart World, will enjoy Fourth of July fireworks with her family and reflect on her freedom, but her definition is a bit different...

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