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Our Brand New E-Book!

We have a new, free resource that we're super excited about. It's an e-book called Trafficking In The U.S.: What It Is And What You Can Do.  We are committed to providing people with the resources that they need to fight trafficking. So this e-book is full of information about the issue including: Basic definitions Global statistics National information Trafficking terminology cheat sheet How traffickers recruit Eye Heart World's mission and model Your plan of action      You can click here to download the e-book on our site. You can also download the e-book on Or you can sign up for our email list and receive the e-book along with a code for 10% off your first order.

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Stories of Hope: Helping Doctors Help Trafficking Victims

We recently did a presentation for doctors and physicians on sex trafficking. We talked about what it is, how to identify it, and what to do when they encounter a victim of trafficking - because they will encounter a victim. Our team member addressed some of the more telling signs, such as the tattoos that pimps use to brand their girls.  The entire room was attentive, but one physician in particular was especially dialed in.       After our team member finished her presentation, that physician walked up to talk with her. She thought maybe he had another question for her, but what he had to say shocked her. He said, “Wow, I can’t believe this! I just had a young...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 4: Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking

If “trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability,” then a significant step in both prevention and intervention efforts is to understand what causes a person to be more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.  Over the past three posts in this blog series, we’ve discussed three reasons why foster kids are at risk for sex trafficking, two ways that homelessness sets a young person at risk for trafficking, and two ways that substance abuse and trafficking go hand-in-hand. In this final post, we’ll talk about what is possibly the saddest and darkest of the four key triggers: sexual abuse.  Some might argue that sexual trauma is the most significant factor that sets a young person at greater risk for sex trafficking and many...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 3: Substance Abuse and Sex Trafficking

We’ve been talking about some of the triggers that cause a young person to be more vulnerable to sex trafficking. In the first post, we talked about three reasons why foster kids are at-risk for sex trafficking. In the second post, we discussed two ways that homelessness set a young person at risk for trafficking. In this post, we want to talk about the next key trigger for sex trafficking: substance abuse.Substance abuse is a common occurrence in sex trafficking victims. Many young people start out in prostitution by using it as a way to “earn” the drugs they are already taking. Additionally, one study of homeless youth who were prostituted found that 75% met the criteria for substance abuse,...

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