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The Harriet Tote

Buy Now The first in our new line of products named after celebrated freedom fighters, abolitionists and social justice workers, the Harriet Tote is named after the one and only Harriet Tubman. Naming our products is our way of honoring those who have come before us and recognizing that their hard work and sacrifice is the foundation upon which we build today. Buy Now Harriet once said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” This is a sentiment that we understand well. Because of intense grooming, many girls and women who are sold for sex believe that their pimp is actually their “boyfriend”. Here are a few things about...

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Good Surprises

Sometimes, life throws surprises at you. These surprises can knock you off of your feet, or they can pick you back up. This week, Eye Heart World was surprised in the best kind of way.  We received a letter from Rachel Tarmann, an English teacher in Edgar, Wisconsin. Her eighth grade students had just finished learning about human trafficking, and as a part of their lessons, they fundraised over $1,224.52 to donate to Eye Heart World. What a wonderful surprise! The students designed and ran eight creative fundraisers over the course of two weeks, including a scavenger hunt, a car wash, a basketball tournament, and a smoothie sale.   What makes this gift even more personal is that the students...

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A Visit to Sawyer County

A few weeks ago, we traveled outside of the 920 to Sawyer County in the western part of the state. We had worked with a young woman from this area before, so we were eager to help spread knowledge about trafficking. Professionals in that area realized they needed education and training about human trafficking to better assist their community in fighting this problem. Dawn, our aftercare director, and one of our law enforcement partners presented for three different groups: a group of medical professionals and social service providers, members of the community, and members of law enforcement. In all, we trained about 100 members of that community. That may not seem to be many, but when you look at the...

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Whatever We Can Do, However Long It Takes

  What do letters, coffee, self-defense, and tattoo removal have in common? They're an example of the fact that we will do whatever we can do to ensure that a young lady feels supported on her journey to healing and independence! To illustrate this, allow us to tell you the story of one of our precious young ladies. December 2015: we were given a referral from the chaplain at the local county jail, asking us to meet with a young inmate who had been involved in trafficking for quite some time. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity! We met with her and she shared with us her story of being trafficked, that she grew up in foster care, had no...

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Why Awareness?

  Why Awareness? We live in a culture that is saturated with messages. At any given moment, someone is trying to sell me laundry detergent, a new car, or some medicine that sounds like it could apparently kill me.  Then you add social media into the mix… It all makes my head spin. So with so many messages being thrown at us every single day, why do we place such a focus on awareness? Because evil is allowed to live in the shadows of ignorance.  Here is the fact:  Awareness alone changes nothing, but nothing can change without awareness.  We as a community, culture, and society cannot respond to an issue that we don’t know exists. The old adage “ignorance...

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