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Poppy Avenue Boutique

We want to give a great big thank you to Poppy Avenue Boutique! Every time a new resident enters The Rose Home, Poppy Avenue Boutique invites her to pick out a new outfit. On top of this incredible partnership, they recently hosted an extra shopping trip for all of the current residents! Every girl got to pick out new clothing, including shirts, pants, shoes, and boots. It was such a treat for everyone, residents and coaches alike; every resident left the store with full arms and a huge smile!   “Thank you so much. I’ve never had clothes this fancy before!”       “We’re going to put on a fashion show for you!”   When they returned to The Rose...

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What $25 Can Do

Every survivor who leaves The Life behind for good has gone through a long, difficult journey and accomplished something amazing--and we want to be with her every step of the way. One way that you can be with her, too, is through 500 for Freedom, where each of our 500 most consistent supporters pledges to give a $25 gift every month.  But how far can $25 possibly go? We’re going to show you. Even $25 is a big deal to The Rose Home and The Rose Center. Follow along as we highlight nine impactful ways that your gift of $25 can make a difference in the life of a survivor. From taking a girl out to brunch to talk about our...

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7 Ways You Can Help Eye Heart World Today!

Human Trafficking Awareness Month has come to an end. We hope you learned something new about sex trafficking. Maybe you feel the urge to DO something about what you learned. We sure did! Here are some ways that you can act today to help Eye Heart World fight human trafficking in Wisconsin and Alabama. 1. Pray Not everyone has money or time to give, but anyone can pray for Eye Heart World and the people we serve. We’ve compiled a prayer guide to get you started, which you can find here.     2. Join 500 for Freedom This is our favorite way to donate to Eye Heart World! Commit to give a $25 gift to Eye Heart World every...

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Our Journey To Home

  The Rose Home is open to its first residents, and now we can reflect on the hard work that brought us here. The whole project started with years of fundraising from people who had faith that this day would come. After we found the perfect place, our amazing team of donors and volunteers worked hard all through the summer of 2017. Together, we turned the building into The Rose Home, a place we’re proud to welcome women in search of healing.   In the beginning of of June, we signed the papers and picked up the keys for The Rose Home. The building is owned by St. Vincent de Paul, and they were generous enough to donate the lease...

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For many people, Black Friday kicks off the holiday season--at least, the holiday shopping season. With all of the commercialism surrounding Christmas and other winter holidays, it’s easy to forget about the more meaningful parts of the season. Luckily, there’s a way to start off the holiday season while thinking of others: Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday after Black Friday, Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. People around the world donate to charities and nonprofits and support the change makers in their communities. On this Giving Tuesday, we’ll be hosting a free event with a special twist: Thrivent Financial will match all donations we receive that day, up to $10,000! You can make your kindness go twice as far on...

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