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Survivors Find Hope at The Rose Home

Human trafficking takes a lot from a person – their safety, their sense of self-worth, and even their hopes for the future. At the Rose Home we use vision boards to encourage the women to reclaim their future and to begin to dream big again. When each new survivor feels settled into The Rose Home, she sits down with a coach to create her very own vision board. The vision board helps her imagine what she wants her life to look like and how it could possibly happen. When it’s finished, a coach hangs the vision board in her room so she can see it every day. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, she can...

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A Day in the Rose Home: Four Phases

When a girl enters The Rose Home, she steps into a place that will care for her whole self. In A Day in the Rose Home blog series, we will show you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens in The Rose Home. First, we’ll focus on an important part of the structure at The Rose Home: the four phases. The four phases map out the journey that each girl will take during her time at The Rose Home. From Welcome Home to Celebrating Your Future, we meet the girls where they’re at and gradually prepare them to live independently so they are empowered to leave The Life behind for good. The phases don’t have specific lengths; they are tailored...

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Seeds of Hope

Sometimes you meet someone who carries with them a sense of being weathered by life and you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve been through a lot.”  Then every once in a while you meet someone who shares their hopeful story of struggle, but instead you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve overcome a lot.”  The latter is the experience we had with our dear friend, Colleen, who so generously shared her story on video and in person at our gala back in April.  The process of capturing Colleen’s story on video was one of the most powerful experiences we have had (behind the scenes photo below).  Never have we heard someone tell their story with such clarity, humility, boldness, and hope. ...

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