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Aftercare in July: By the Numbers

July was a very busy month at Eye Heart World. As our aftercare team prepares for the new responsibilities that The Rose Home will bring, they continue to serve the young women in our community. It's hard work, but we also know that it's well worth the end result: bringing hope and healing to survivors of sex trafficking. That's what we work towards every day. Here’s what we’ve been up to in July! 7: Ladies we met who were trafficked 15-23: Age range of survivors we met 2: Survivors who were minors 3: Survivors who are in safe places, to the best of our ability 23: Hours we spent doing outreach with law enforcement 1: County outside the 920 we visited to train professionals and...

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Why Awareness?

  Why Awareness? We live in a culture that is saturated with messages. At any given moment, someone is trying to sell me laundry detergent, a new car, or some medicine that sounds like it could apparently kill me.  Then you add social media into the mix… It all makes my head spin. So with so many messages being thrown at us every single day, why do we place such a focus on awareness? Because evil is allowed to live in the shadows of ignorance.  Here is the fact:  Awareness alone changes nothing, but nothing can change without awareness.  We as a community, culture, and society cannot respond to an issue that we don’t know exists. The old adage “ignorance...

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Operation Cross Country

Last week we participated alongside Green Bay law enforcement in Operation Cross Country 10 - an annual, nationwide operation conducted by the FBI. We had five Outreach Team members that were on-call to meet with victims who wanted help over a period of three days over a period of three days. It is incredible to see how our local law enforcement is approaching this issue head on. We were also invited to be a part of the press conference after the sting, and you can view the press conference and read more about the operation here.     Here's a quick rundown of what took place at the operation.     THE GIRLS We responded to a female adult and female juvenille that...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 4: Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking

If “trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability,” then a significant step in both prevention and intervention efforts is to understand what causes a person to be more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.  Over the past three posts in this blog series, we’ve discussed three reasons why foster kids are at risk for sex trafficking, two ways that homelessness sets a young person at risk for trafficking, and two ways that substance abuse and trafficking go hand-in-hand. In this final post, we’ll talk about what is possibly the saddest and darkest of the four key triggers: sexual abuse.  Some might argue that sexual trauma is the most significant factor that sets a young person at greater risk for sex trafficking and many...

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Exploiting The Vulnerable Part 3: Substance Abuse and Sex Trafficking

We’ve been talking about some of the triggers that cause a young person to be more vulnerable to sex trafficking. In the first post, we talked about three reasons why foster kids are at-risk for sex trafficking. In the second post, we discussed two ways that homelessness set a young person at risk for trafficking. In this post, we want to talk about the next key trigger for sex trafficking: substance abuse.Substance abuse is a common occurrence in sex trafficking victims. Many young people start out in prostitution by using it as a way to “earn” the drugs they are already taking. Additionally, one study of homeless youth who were prostituted found that 75% met the criteria for substance abuse,...

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