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The First Year of Freedom at The Rose Center

Today, we're celebrating the first anniversary of The Rose Center opening its doors in Southern Alabama! For what seems like forever, we dreamed of a place for women and girls who are being trafficked or at risk of trafficking in Southern Alabama to safely rest. We dreamed of a place the community could rally behind, where services for healing trauma and empowering women could gather under one roof. We dreamed of a place that could serve as a bridge between “The Life” of trafficking and a full, free life. One year ago, we saw those dreams come true when we opened The Rose Center in Mobile. We saw one participant leave her trafficker and move into safe housing. We helped...

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February Newsletter from Alabama

February has been a big month for our Alabama Team and The Rose Center! Community Connections Being committed to creating a community where human trafficking can no longer thrive, we believe education plays a huge role in that. We have partnered with Mobile’s Rape Crisis Center, and they have invited us to train their new advocates on the issue of human trafficking and informing them on how The Rose Center can help. We are also partnered with the Mobile Police Department and have started teaching in their Police Academy trainings. In these trainings, we educate the cadets on the reality of human trafficking, including the effects of trauma, poverty, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and homelessness on the issue. Can You...

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January Newsletter from Wisconsin

THE ROSE HOME'S FIRST GRADUATION The first participant to join The Rose Home just graduated on February 4! We’re so proud of how far she’s come since joining us in October of 2017 at the grand opening of The Rose Home. She had been trafficked for years and lived a life of physical abuse and substance abuse. Now, she has an apartment to move into in a transition to independent living! We're so proud of our first official graduate! She loves to cook, and when she first arrived at The Rose Home, her dream was to become a chef. She cooked plenty of meals for everyone at The Rose Home, and she now works at a restaurant in the area....

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Aftercare in July: By the Numbers

July was a very busy month at Eye Heart World. As our aftercare team prepares for the new responsibilities that The Rose Home will bring, they continue to serve the young women in our community. It's hard work, but we also know that it's well worth the end result: bringing hope and healing to survivors of sex trafficking. That's what we work towards every day. Here’s what we’ve been up to in July! 7: Ladies we met who were trafficked 15-23: Age range of survivors we met 2: Survivors who were minors 3: Survivors who are in safe places, to the best of our ability 23: Hours we spent doing outreach with law enforcement 1: County outside the 920 we visited to train professionals and...

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