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Stories of Hope: Finding Home

We recently served a young lady who was removed from a trafficking situation by law enforcement. When we came to her, she was very reserved and resistant to any help. After talking with her for several hours, she admitted that she wanted to leave “the life” and agreed to accept our help.
We were so excited for the opportunity to help this young lady get to a safe place! In the middle of the night, we drove her to an emergency shelter where she could stay until we found permanent placement for her. We worked hard to find somewhere for her to go and within a day we had her on a plane to a program out of state.
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We called to check on her two weeks later, and she wasn’t doing well. She said, “I know I really need something like this, I really want to change! I’ve just never been this far from home and I don’t know if I can do this. Is there some place closer?”
With your purchase, you are providing emergency resources like the ones we provided to that young lady, and you are facilitating the development of the aftercare home girls like her so desperately need.