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May Newsletter from Alabama

The Rose Center's First Graduate

We are so excited to announce that our very first participant in the Rose Center’s Program has graduated this May!

This graduate received many gifts picked out and made specifically for her. An orange rose ring, a hand painted and lettered piece of her favorite Bible verse, Joel 2:25, and a handmade quilt, crafted by one of our very own team members.

The Alabama Team decorated the Rose Center in this survivor’s favorite color, orange, and served her favorite foods, fried chicken, chips and salsa, and chocolate chip cookies. Along with her favorite foods and colors, the Rose Center’s first graduate invited fifteen of some of her favorite people and law enforcement who have helped support her in her journey through the Rose Center’s program. A few of her friends even shared on what an incredible, courageous, and inspirational woman she is.

We couldn’t be more proud of this survivor who decided to courageously step out and bravely walk into a life of freedom! She is now even helping lead others into freedom in the Alabama Gulf Coast community. Thank you for helping make this restoration, liberation, and transformation possible!

Joel 2:25

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—

   the great locust and the young locust,

   the other locusts and the locust swarm]—

my great army that I sent among you.”

FBI Director's Award for The Rose Center

We are in awe and so full of gratefulness to have had our Rose Center and Alabama Team Director, Crystal Yarborough, awarded the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award on behalf of the Mobile Field Office.

Presented by the FBI Director, Chris Wray, Crystal received this award in Washington D.C. this May, and Eye Heart World was recognized on a national level. This is a huge honor and success in our mission to creating a community in South Alabama to where human trafficking can no longer thrive!

Baldwin County Commissioner Presentation

Our Alabama Team was honored to present at the May work session of the Baldwin County Commissions by Jeb Ball, the Baldwin County District 1 Commissioner.

Their response to the issue human trafficking as a whole, but most importantly the overwhelming presence of trafficking in the area of South Alabama, was incredible.


NSpireUNetwork Interview

NSpireUNetwork, an organization “dedicated to educate, empower and encourage women from all walks of life,” invited our team for an interview for their YouTube channel this May to create awareness on the issue of human trafficking.

Our intern and amazing Rose Center Team Member, Isabella, did her first solo interview for the Rose Center with Candace Houston. She not only discussed the issue of human trafficking but also how Eye Heart World and The Rose Center is standing in the gap to equip and empower survivors to enter into a life of freedom.

You can watch the interview here!

Police Academy Trainings

The Rose Center is continuing to be a part of Police Academy training and Inservice Training in Mobile.

These trainings have led to education and a deeper relationship and partnership between the Rose Center and Mobile’s first responders. Since these trainings started in March, we have seen a dramatic increase in Police referrals of trafficking survivors along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

In the month of May, The Rose Center had 6 referrals, 3 new clients seeking resources in just one week, and even 2 new participants in the Rose Center program!

This has been one of the Rose Center’s busiest months yet!

Increased Number of Calls - Need for Outreach Team growth 

Because of the increased number of calls our Alabama Team is experiencing, we need to grow our Rose Center outreach team! We are in need of volunteer social workers to respond to calls from survivors and first responders.


We are looking for women who have experience and a background in mental health and social work as well as knowledge in working with trauma-informed care.

We ask that you will have flexibility one to two times per month and a passion for creating a community where sex trafficking and exploitation can no longer thrive.

If you are interested in joining our outreach team, email your resume to the Rose Center Director at Questions can be sent to the same email address.


Light of the Village Summer Camp

This June and July our Alabama Team has been invited to attend and teach Light of The Village’s Summer Camp. This will be the second summer the Rose Center has been involved with this amazing camp on the Gulf Coast, and we couldn’t be more excited to jump back in!  

Our volunteers and leaders will have the opportunity to work with girls from ages 9-14 for six weeks and will be using the Heart Tour Curriculum. In The Heart Tour, we will go through the subjects of value, empowerment, boundaries, healthy relationships, and conflict resolution. In our past experience of working with these girls, one of the biggest revelations to them was that they are uniquely beautiful.

We are looking forward to keeping you updated on our fun, tie-dye themed, and life-changing summer experiences at camp with Light of the Village!

TRC Give Page

Looking for a way to give to our mission of freedom or even give to something specific for the Rose Center? Check out The Rose Center Give Page.

Here, you can give to...

  • Intervention Study Materials
  • Continuing Education Resources
  • Trauma Based Therapy
  • Case Management Resources and More!!

WIth your generous gift, you make a tangible impact on a young lady along the Gulf Coast, providing her the support and resources she needs to make the changes that will bring her freedom.