Give for Freedom

May 2020 Highlights

So many special and wonderful things are happening in the lives of trafficking survivors because of your support! Here's just a glimpse of the impact you're creating.


In a matter of just a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic changed society as we all know it. In response, Eye Heart World had to make some quick decisions on how to best serve our ladies during this difficult time. 

The reality is that while so much of the world has seemingly slowed down, trafficking has not slowed down. In fact, we've received even more requests for services as people are fleeing dangerous situations with no place to go. 

And we're just as committed as ever to helping every trafficking victim we possibly can!

With so many resources and businesses being closed, we've obviously had to make some adjustments to how we serve trafficking survivors in Green Bay, WI and Mobile, AL. Here is a rundown of just some of the resources you’re providing trafficking victims through your donations:

  • Remote trauma recovery groups held via Zoom at the Rose Center 
  • 24 hour hotlines in Wisconsin and Alabama
  • Individual therapy sessions via Zoom at the Rose Home and the Rose Center
  • Virtual case management for outpatient clients and graduates of the Rose Home
  • Online book study for survivors at the Rose Center
  • Group therapy sessions at the Rose Home including trauma recovery, anxiety, art therapy, and more
  • Emergency case management and connection to basic needs
  • Resume writing workshops for Rose Home residents so they can be ready to re-enter the workforce and rebuild their lives
  • With technology, we're able to continue providing top notch care to trafficking victims as they heal.

Thank you for your continued generosity. Because of you and so many others, we're seeing trafficking victims find freedom and hope. Your gift is literally saving lives.




(Left) Gift cards from a generous supporter to let the ladies get some social distancing dinner out during COVID-19.

(Right) Rose Home Participant and her reading journal.  






The circumstances created by COVID-19 have given us the opportunity to connect in new ways, which has allowed our Rose Home and Rose Center participants to interact and participate in activities together on an ongoing basis.

These activities include a 10-week trauma-informed group curriculum led by our Rose Center Therapist, as well as virtual trauma-informed yoga sessions led by one of our Rose Center volunteers in Alabama.

Witnessing these ladies come together virtually & contribute to one another’s healing journey has been an absolute joy for our Eye Heart World team.

These ladies are a beautiful reminder that we were designed with community in mind. We truly are better together, and we have so much we can learn from one another. Our team learns from these amazing young ladies every day.

In this time of social distancing, we are grateful that technology allows us to be more connected than ever before. 



(Rose Home Participant in her beloved garden.)

Recently, one of our founders, Season, stopped by the Rose Home for a little while. Noticing one of the Rose Home participants was not around, she asked the coach on shift where this participant was. 

“She’s in the garden,” the coach informed.

Season walked over to the window, separated the shades to take a look, and sure enough – there she was. This participant was sitting down in the garden, digging through the dirt, pulling weeds, planting new vegetation, and preparing for growth.

In that moment, Season was met with a beautiful reminder of her “why”. She thought, “I’m honored, I get to be a part of this girl’s story.”

Season shared that in that moment, the ups and downs of this type of work seemed to fade away as she was reminded of her “why”:

These ladies – they are why we do what we do.

They are why we are all working together to build communities where sex trafficking cannot thrive. 

These ladies are doing the very difficult work of...

  • Digging through the dirt of their past experiences and traumas
  • Pulling the weeds of old, unhealthy patterns that weigh them down
  • Planting new patterns of safety, trust, grace, compassion, and resilience
  • Preparing for growth by fertilizing them with the tools and skills that they are gaining in our program

At just the right time, they will reap a harvest of blessing on the new life they have cultivated. And you are a part of that journey.



We're taking pre-orders for our new shirts until May 29th and this shirt has quite the story to it.

We asked one of the survivors we serve to choose her favorite quote for our new shirt design and her choice brought us tears of joy. It's a sign of the healing she's experienced and the hope she's found. 

Never Too Late Shirt

This shirt is made in the USA and printed/fulfilled by Residency Apparel, a California-based company that employs women transitioning out of homelessness.

So when you purchase this new shirt, you are helping to empower women in California and your purchase funds trafficking recovery for young ladies in Wisconsin and Alabama.

Pre-orders end on May 29th and will ship within 30 days of the full product launch. Click here to order your shirt!