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Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

Human trafficking happens out in the open, right in public, and many people don’t realize that it’s happening. We are on a mission to change that.

Imagine a place where somebody on every block knows the signs of human trafficking and acts when they see it. Imagine how trafficking would go from hidden in plain sight to obvious--in plain sight. Imagine how, one by one, traffickers would be identified and arrested. Imagine how survivors would find support at Eye Heart World, face their trauma, and build the lives they want to live.

The more people know about trafficking, the more people are on the lookout for this modern-day slavery. We are passionate about raising awareness about human trafficking.

There are 3 main steps to awareness:

  1. Know what human trafficking is
  2. Know how to spot potential cases human trafficking
  3. Know what to do if you suspect a case of human trafficking

A good place to start is this article by Diana Dombrowski in the Sheboygan Press. This article includes multiple stories from across Wisconsin about what human trafficking looks like here and what local organizations (including Eye Heart World) are doing about it.

You can help Eye Heart World raise awareness about human trafficking by making a gift here.