Give for Freedom

Expose The Truth Part 1


It’s no secret that trafficking awareness is one of the three primary aspects of our mission as an organization. Why is that? Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Awareness alone changes nothing, but nothing can change without awareness.

It takes people, like yourself, who have the generosity to open your heart to the unsettling reality of human trafficking. See, we’ve found over and over again that when we allow ourselves to be confronted with this reality, action is rarely an option. 

So that’s why we love January so much - it’s Human Trafficking Awareness month! It’s a chance for us to focus in on the realities that hide in plain sight, inspire each other to take action, and celebrate the progress being made in the fight against modern day slavery.

This year, our theme is “Expose the Truth” and we have some exciting things planned. 

First, we’ll be debunking some of the myths that are all too common in our society’s understanding of human trafficking. 

Second, we’ll be providing some resources for you such as posts that you can share with your network and even a prayer guide if you’d like to make it a focus this month. (You can download the prayer guide here.)

Third, we’ll be hosting some Facebook Live events where we talk about some various aspects of trafficking, our work as an organization, and even some live Q&A! Here’s a schedule of the Facebook Live events that will take place every Wednesday the rest of this month:

  • 1/10: “Why Awareness” with Brian and Season Russo
  • 1/17: “About the Rose Home” with our Wisconsin Team
  • 1/24: “About the Rose Center” with our Alabama Team
  • 1/31: “Trafficking Q&A” 

We are so excited to take this month to explore together the truths of trafficking and discover the hope that we are seeing firsthand can come out of the darkest of situations.