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Aftercare in July: By the Numbers

July was a very busy month at Eye Heart World. As our aftercare team prepares for the new responsibilities that The Rose Home will bring, they continue to serve the young women in our community. It's hard work, but we also know that it's well worth the end result: bringing hope and healing to survivors of sex trafficking. That's what we work towards every day. Here’s what we’ve been up to in July!

7: Ladies we met who were trafficked

15-23: Age range of survivors we met

2: Survivors who were minors

3: Survivors who are in safe places, to the best of our ability

23: Hours we spent doing outreach with law enforcement

1: County outside the 920 we visited to train professionals and community leaders about how to create a response protocol to human trafficking

3: Volunteer days dedicated to fixing up The Rose Home

42: Incredible volunteers who donated their time and talents to Eye Heart World

82: Hours that volunteers spent working on The Rose Home so that we will finally have a safe place of our own to welcome survivors of trafficking

All month, we have been focused on getting The Rose Home ready to open. That included everything from renovating the house to finding great staff. Through August, our up-and-coming residential aftercare program will continue to be a big priority for us.

Do you want to get involved with The Rose Home and be a part of the healing journey of its residents? You can by joining our newest campaign, 500 for Freedom. We want to find five hundred people who will give a monthly gift of $25 to help support The Rose Home. Because 500 people + $25 per month = freedom for survivors. Want to become one of the 500 for Freedom or learn more about it? Visit the website here.