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A Day in the Rose Home: Four Phases

When a girl enters The Rose Home, she steps into a place that will care for her whole self. In A Day in the Rose Home blog series, we will show you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens in The Rose Home. First, we’ll focus on an important part of the structure at The Rose Home: the four phases.

The four phases map out the journey that each girl will take during her time at The Rose Home. From Welcome Home to Celebrating Your Future, we meet the girls where they’re at and gradually prepare them to live independently so they are empowered to leave The Life behind for good. The phases don’t have specific lengths; they are tailored to each girl and her unique needs. To transition from one phase to another, we hold a ceremony for each girl, and we hold a graduation at the end of the program to celebrate each girl’s progress.

The first phase is Welcome Home. This phase generally lasts for the first three months that a girl is at The Rose Home. During this time, the main focus is getting the girl comfortable living in The Rose Home and acclimated to being out of The Life. While this might sound simple, it can be very challenging to ask somebody to change their lifestyle so dramatically, so the Welcome Home phase is very important.

"Residents learn how to steer their life in the direction they choose."

The second phase is Finding Strength, which lasts about three months. During this time, therapy sessions will become more intense. Survivors of sex trafficking have often experienced severe trauma, which sometimes results in PTSD; addressing and processing these issues is essential to help survivors take back control over their own lives. This phase also features a more intentional focus on goal setting; while it was introduced in the Welcome Home phase, goal setting becomes a bigger priority in the Finding Strength phase. By setting goals and reflecting on them, residents learn how to steer their life in the direction they choose.

The third phase is Building Your Foundation. This phase can last about four months, which again can vary depending on the individual and her needs. During this phase, the participant stays involved in therapy, and we really focus on coping skills. Life will always twist and turn, and even the most prepared person can have the rug pulled out from under them. In this phase, we will help the girls learn how to roll with the punches and get back up when life knocks them down.

The fourth and final phase at The Rose Home is Celebrating Your Future. This phase can last from two to four months, and it’s focused on preparing the girls for the transition out of The Rose Home and into a place where they can be successful. We want to make sure that the girls have mastered important life skills, have the education they need in order to pursue their dreams, and can move forward with confidence in their ability to take care of themselves and thrive. This phase ends with a graduation ceremony, and the participants leave The Rose Home with the skills and confidence to lead their own lives.