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Ten Freedoms That Survivors Cherish

  As we celebrate freedom this holiday weekend, we recognize that not everyone is able to live truly free lives. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 200,000 individuals currently trapped in human trafficking. As we reflect on freedom this Independence Day, we solemnly consider the freedoms that we often take for granted. Our survivors have taught us so much about true freedom. One of our advocates, a survivor of human trafficking herself, shared some freedoms that she enjoys today that she was denied when she was trafficked. Here are 10 freedoms that are cherished by survivors of trafficking:   1.  Freedom from being viewed as property. The basis of human trafficking is the complete ownership of and control...

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June 2020 Highlights

So many special and wonderful things are happening in the lives of trafficking survivors because of your support! Here's just a glimpse of everything taking place in Eye Heart World.   SOCIAL MEDIA REVAMP We know we have a really important mission and message, so we're constantly working to find the best ways to get that message out to you and so many others! So, we’ve decided to revamp our social media outlets to better represent the exciting things going on within Eye Heart World. This revamp includes: Renewing our monthly newsletters so that you’re in-the-know about the incredible ways Eye Heart World is growing in Wisconsin & Alabama Increasing our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram (be sure to...

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May 2020 Highlights

So many special and wonderful things are happening in the lives of trafficking survivors because of your support! Here's just a glimpse of the impact you're creating. COVID-19 RESPONSE In a matter of just a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic changed society as we all know it. In response, Eye Heart World had to make some quick decisions on how to best serve our ladies during this difficult time.  The reality is that while so much of the world has seemingly slowed down, trafficking has not slowed down. In fact, we've received even more requests for services as people are fleeing dangerous situations with no place to go.  And we're just as committed as ever to helping every trafficking...

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Double Your Donation!!

  Hello, Everyone, and Happy 2020! Last year we were able to accomplish some truly incredible things with your help and support, and this year we are looking forward to helping even more survivors of trafficking! One piece of that initiative for this year is through Give Big Green Bay, a 24-hour day of giving from February 18th at noon to February 19th at noon. We are incredibly excited to have this opportunity and to show the community how much of an impact we can all make in the lives of survivors of trafficking!Before we delve into Give Big Green Bay and what that means for the organization and our community, we wanted to discuss a little bit more of...

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Survivors Find Hope at The Rose Home

Human trafficking takes a lot from a person – their safety, their sense of self-worth, and even their hopes for the future. At the Rose Home we use vision boards to encourage the women to reclaim their future and to begin to dream big again. When each new survivor feels settled into The Rose Home, she sits down with a coach to create her very own vision board. The vision board helps her imagine what she wants her life to look like and how it could possibly happen. When it’s finished, a coach hangs the vision board in her room so she can see it every day. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, she can...

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